Big Tech faces renewed scrutiny for Hunter Biden laptop censorship - Financespiders

Big Tech faces renewed scrutiny for Hunter Biden laptop censorship - Financespiders

Facebook and Twitter face renewed scrutiny from Republicans and conservatives for suppressing news about emails taken from Hunter Biden's laptop now that multiple major news outlets have verified the original reporting on the controversy.

The Biden laptop stories, initially reported by the New York Post, used evidence from his old laptop to shed light on the fact the Biden family profited, sometimes in a controversial manner, from relationships built over Joe Biden’s decades as a politician.

The Washington Post on Wednesday and the New York Times earlier this month have both confirmed the existence of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop and many of his emails outlining his controversial business dealings in China and Ukraine.

When the New York Post first published its Hunter Biden laptop story on Oct. 19, 2020, it faced widespread backlash from multiple media outlets, including the New York Times. Additionally, Twitter temporarily prevented the story from being shared and Facebook suppressed it.

In the past week, multiple Republicans — including former President Donald Trump, Rep. Claudia Tenney of New York, and Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee — have criticized the social media giants for censoring the original New York Post story and certain news outlets for casting doubt on the story's claims.

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“Hunter Biden’s laptop was always real, but the mainstream media and big tech silenced you for talking about it anyway,” Blackburn tweeted earlier this month.

Other Republicans said the tech companies should be held accountable for their past actions, with House Judiciary Committee Republicans announcing Thursday they plan to launch an investigation into Twitter and Facebook following the reports on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“This irresponsible conduct demands a thorough investigation so that we may understand how Big Tech wields its enormous power over the free flow of information to the detriment of free and fair elections,” House Judiciary Republicans wrote in a letter to the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile, House Republicans, if they win back the majority following the midterm elections, say they plan to investigate the Big Tech companies aggressively over instances of unfair censorship.

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa of California last week sent letters to multiple Big Tech CEOs and top government officials requesting they don't delete or destroy evidence related to the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

“There’s no question that Big Tech colluded with some of the nation’s most powerful media and most influential Democrat partisans in the intelligence community to suppress the truth, censor fact-based journalism, and shelter the Biden family from political and legal scrutiny,” said Issa

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Republican on the House Judiciary Committee in charge of regulating the tech companies. “We will ensure that the truth is revealed and that those associated with corruption and collusion are held accountable." Source: Washington Examiner.


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