The Neilston petrol pump offering low prices to locals - Financespiders

The Neilston petrol pump offering low prices to locals - Financespiders

John Robb, of John Robb & Son in Neilston, East Renfrewshire, is selling unleaded petrol for 168.9p and diesel for 183.9p – among the cheapest prices in the region. He says his firm is doing so to help ease locals' anxiety about poverty.

It comes as major retailers face criticism for failing to pass on a drop in wholesale prices to customers. Average petrol pump prices fell by nearly 9p in July to 182.69p per litre, while diesel fell by almost 7p to 192.38p per litre, according to the RAC.

However, the motoring group argues drivers are still paying too much at the pumps when compared with wholesale prices, which have fallen by 20p over the past eight weeks. It says petrol should be around 167p per litre. Mr Robb immediately cut his petrol and diesel prices in line with the latest weekly wholesale rate.

Asked why he did not delay cutting prices like some larger firms, the business owner told BBC Scotland: "We're in a small community and it reflects poorly on you.

"We're here in the long term. We're not here for a short-term grab of profits. "We're here to support the community as much as they support me."

He says the petrol station, which has been passed down through four generations of his family, is making "no money at all" from fuel sales, adding: "It's a break-even service at the moment."

The strategy does have its benefits, however, with the Neilston firm seeing an increase in customers coming to its workshop. "It generates a lot of business," Mr Robb said. "You do tend to know because the first folk round are the taxi drivers. So they must pass it round on the radio.

"That's always a sign when you're competitive, you'll see a lot of taxis."

Lower prices are welcome in a community that is struggling with the cost of living crisis. "People are not short on being vocal about prices," Mr Robb said.

He added: "Most of it's jovial but you can see the anxiety, the worry in their faces, because it's a big expense filling your car these days."

The Neilston business owner said marginal profits may explain why forecourt bosses may have been slow to drop their prices. "Over the years, we've all been operating on a very tight margin and possibly some people are trying to recoup some of their losses," he said.

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"It's not a business you would go into. We're a four-generation business now. "It's always been here and we'll continue with it as along as we can cover our costs. "You couldn't make a living from it. It's a no-return business. That's why there are so few sites left." Source: BBC


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